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Frequently Asked Questions

Please take a moment to read through a list of our Frequently Asked Questions before contacting us as you may find an answer quicker. If you can not find an answer in this list, please select the correct email address for the nature of your enquiry and a member of Luftavia TT will respond to you shortly.

When can I expect my certificates?

A PDF copy of your certificate(s) will be emailed to you to check your details before the original copies are despatched. Certificates will not be issued (either PDF or original copies) until payment for the course has been made in full, the Form 45 and Form 44 have been received, and the paperwork checked by Quality.

What will happen if I fail my Exam(s)?
You will be permitted a resit for any failed Exam(s).

An Exam can be attempted up to three times but if the third re-sit is unsuccessful then there must be a three month gap before any instruction and examination can be accomplished. A ‘refresher’ instruction would usually be conducted before an Exam resit after the 3 month period.

Can I pay for a course in £GBP or €EUR, or with a credit or debit card?

All payments must be made by transfer in the stated currency (£GBP or $USD only) to the nominated Luftavia TT account on your Invoice(s). We do not have the facility to currently accept payments by credit or debit card.

What approval does Luftavia TT have?

Full EASA and UK Part-147 approval (ATA/Level 3).

Will an EASA certificate be accepted by my NAA?

All EASA courses are FAA approved automatically. Outside of this, individuals will need to confirm approval direct with their governing body.

Do Luftavia TT offer just Practical Training?

Our policy is not to conduct Practical Training in isolation and where Theoretical Elements have been conducted by another Part-147 organisation. However, we would be happy to review this on an individual basis if there are extenuating circumstances.